The Glen Rock Cooperative Nursery School was founded in 1965 and has grown continuously for over 50 years. The School uniquely combines the finest pre-school education (including New Jersey state certified programs and teachers) with parental participation at every level.

The School is an ideal atmosphere for allowing each individual child to grow emotionally and intellectually in a group setting while allowing parents the special opportunity to both witness their child’s growth and to share in their first formal educational experience. Current research shows that such active parental involvement improves children’s academic performance.

Experienced, caring, New Jersey state certified pre-school teachers provide a nurturing educational environment and help guide the children’s exploration of the creative centers in the classroom. Areas of development include: socialization; language; music and art skills; acquisition of basic mathematics; and “hands on” natural science experiences. The underlying School Philosophy is Learning Through Play, so all developmental activities are structured with particular goals and skills for children to acquire by doing.

Our Philosophy and our status as a non-profit organization allows the School to concentrate on providing small student-to-teacher ratios.  The ratios are as follows:

  • Toddler & Me – 12 students to one teacher, one aide, and all the parents
  • 2 1/2 Year Olds – 12 students to one teacher, one aide, and one parent
  • 3 Year Olds – 14 students to one teacher, one aide, and one parent
  • “Older” 3 Year Olds – 14 students to one teacher, one aide, and one parent
  • 4 Year Olds – 17 students to one teacher, one aide, and one parent
  • Transitional Kindergarten – 14 students to one teacher and one aide
  • STEAM- 14 students to one teacher and one aide

The School is managed by a Board of Directors composed of parents along with a professional Director who are entrusted with keeping the curriculum and daily activities in adherence to all state and local regulations.

The School is housed within the Glen Rock Community Church. Each classroom is brightly decorated and fully equipped with age appropriate activity centers that include play kitchens, dress-up materials, books and puzzles, arts and crafts, large wooden building blocks, and a central carpeted area for storytelling and group activities. Each classroom is equipped with a bathroom for your child’s safety and cleanliness.

The Purpose of the Glen Rock Cooperative Nursery School is to provide the enrichment of the preschool child’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth guided by professional teachers and actively assisted by participating parents. We are a non-profit, interfaith and interracial organization.