Parents’ Testimonials

I’m so grateful I was pointed in the direction of the co-op. In one year, my daughter has blossomed into an inquisitive, adventurous, outgoing person and absolutely loves going to school every day. – M and Sylvia Lee
So grateful for this wonderful school! It’s been another home for my family for the past 4 years. – Becky Stegun Gatto
We have started our fist year and it has been a lovely experience. My 3 year old is happy to go to school every day and play with his friends. We love the fact that the school offers different enrichment programs as well as music and yoga. – Alba Lucia Morales Jimenez
In all honesty, my kids and I loved everything about the co-op! They still talk about it and the friends they made. To be able to be just the right amount of “involved” in the class made it very special. Plus, I still consider the friends I made thru the school very important, it’s not all about the kids! – Brigid Nonas
The GR co-op was an absolute blessing. The staff and parents embraced our entire family including my dad who helped raise our children. They learned letters, numbers but most importantly how to play nice in the sandbox. Kindergarten was a smooth transition for everyone. – Mary Ann Mikos McBride 
My children has a great experience. They really liked their teachers, who created an atmosphere for them to grow socially and academically. The staff all believed in play, which is what I liked best about their philosophy. – Joanne Jasmine
As an educator, I was so happy to find the Glen Rock Coop. My three children thrived in the nurturing environment. They learned how to socialize, to use their imagination and to have fun. These skills are the building blocks to a successful life. I am happy to say the transition to elementary school was easy and they thrived there too. – Karyn Pinkham Stephenson
My Kids loved it! It was such a great experience for them. The teachers and staff were so nurturing. I love how they learned in a developmentally appropriate play based environment. – Rebecca Ann
I can’t say enough positive things about the Coop! This school’s environment offers a number of positive experiences to help incite your child’s love for learning at an early age. The staff provides the structure, the love, and the creativity to help your child flourish. The school encourages your child to become involved in music, art, yoga, and play to help them to develop their interests! The small class sizes give each child the attention they need in order to establish positive relationships with their peers and gain confidence in their academic and social skills. The support and the love the teachers provide really help to create the ultimate learning experience. My daughter has been with Mrs. Reichert and Mrs. M for 2 years. She is excited to attend school daily. The Coop has become a second home filled with teachers she relies on and friends that she makes memories with every day! I personally love that the Coop invites parents to be a part of their child’s every day learning experience! There are constant opportunities to volunteer in the classroom or to become involved in planning activities to enrich the students’ learning. I highly recommend this school to all families who are looking to place their child in a school that really emphasizes community. The Coop is truly a school that goes above and beyond to make everyone feel welcomed, included, and involved. I look forward to watching my daughter continue to grow with the support of her teachers and her peers.  – Melissa Russo
Words can’t describe my love for the Glen Rock Cooperative Nursery School! I am a proud alumni of this charming, loving & passionate school! My son couldn’t wait to attend “Mommy’s school” & I couldn’t wait for him to start either! I adore the idea of a Co-op, what a great opportunity to watch your child learn, play, & socialize! I promise you, after walking through its doors and you see its bright classrooms, amazing playground, meet the dedicated Teachers & learn everything the Co-op has to offer, it won’t be long before your children become an alumni as well!  – ​Kimberly Foley Sanicki