The Glen Rock Co-op’s philosophy is Learning Through Play. We pride ourselves on creating class curriculums that encourage hands-on play to foster creativity. As your child moves through our school they will continue to gain levels of independence that will ultimately set them up for success in Kindergarten. Classes are divided by age, and we try our best to make sure your children are surrounded by their peers and friends as they move up each year.

Pre-School Classes

Toddler & Me
1 Day a week for 1.5 hours 
Children ages 18 months to 2 years to attend with a parent or caregiver 

In Toddler & Me, children will have their first introduction to a structured learning environment. Learning stations are set up to encourage active play while our teachers engage the children with stories and songs. This class is a great way for mothers to get to know one another and for children to explore arts & crafts, puzzles, and sensory exploration alongside their peers. There are three sessions of Toddler & Me – Fall, Winter, and Spring.
2 Days a week for 2 and a half hours 
Children ages 2.5 to 3 years old with parent co-op option

This class focuses on basic social skills and helps children get accustomed to a learning environment. Learning will focus on shapes and colors, which will be taught through many modalities. Children will have the opportunity to work on communication with others and to have fun creating.
3 Days a week for 2 and a half hours 
Children who are 3 by October 1 with parent co-op option

The 3’s is a class for children who will turn 3 before October 1st of the school year. This class continues to work with children on developing language skills, and self-expression. Colors and shapes are focused on, and concepts of numbers, weather, days, months and years are introduced. In addition to these, the curriculum introduces beginner geometry (whole/half, empty/full). Fine motor skills and manipulation of objects are addressed in activities. In addition to planned activities, there are stations for children to explore pretend play, building, tactile/sensory play, puzzle building, art, and more. Children continue to develop communication with others and begin to move from side-by-side play to collaborative play.
Older 3’s and Young 4’s 
4 Days a Week for 2 and a half hours 
Children who turn 4 early in the school year with parent co-op option

The 3’s and 4’s class works with children in a slightly more structured learning environment. Here, children will have free play but will also be expected to participate in circle time and organized group activities and crafts. Children will begin to explore letters, learning letter structure through a fun “Mat Man”  and eventually practicing name recognition. This class is a perfect hybrid of our 3’s and 4’s classes.
5 days a week for 2 and a half hours 
Children who are 4 before Oct 1st of the School Year with parent co-op option

This class focuses on attaining kindergarten readiness. Curriculum includes letters, numbers, language skills, and pre-reading. Letters are explored through crafts, music, tracing, and writing. The class is structured to include daily activities designed to address the curriculum goals and stations for free play where communication skills and interactive play are improved upon. Thematic reading segments are done throughout the year to expand knowledge of animals, plants, weather, science, seasons, emotions, cultures, and holidays.
Transitional Kindergarten (TK)
5 days a week for 2 and a half hours 
Children who are 5 by Dec 31 with no parent co-op option

Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is designed for the young 5 who would benefit from another year to mature socially and/or academically before entering traditional Kindergarten. The curriculum includes pre-reading skills, enhancing communication, listening, and interpersonal skills, the development of fine motor ability, and the introduction of math concepts.

Lunch & Play

Available to the 2.5’s through TK, families have the option to opt-in for our Lunch program, running from 11:15-12:30. Children will enjoy a nut-free lunch packed from home with their friends. Please note, our school is allergy aware and takes proper precautions to ensure the safety of all children with allergies during snack and meal times.

STEAM (Science, Teamwork, Engineering, Art, Math)

STEAM and STEAM JR. are our afternoon courses that follow lunch and continue until 3:00 pm. STEAM consists of 4’s and TK children and STEAM JR is made up of children from our 3’s and Older 3’s and Young 4’s Class. Lessons are hands-on and exploratory, introducing concepts in science, teamwork, engineering, art and math. Active learning encourages children to make hypotheses, experiment, and be able to describe what has taken place and why. In addition to offering a curriculum that stimulates creativity and introduces the sciences at a young age, this program extends a child’s day to 3:00 pm.

STEAM is offered Monday-Thursday, you may opt for full-time STEAM or work with our Director to create a part-time STEAM schedule that works for you.


From Monday to Thursday, students will enjoy a half hour specials class. Classes take place in our Specials room (located next to the Rainy Day Room, across from Mrs. Smith’s Classroom). These classes are an opportunity to further enrich your child’s development through movement and sensory play. 


Taught by Ms. Julie Finkle, our children enjoy Yoga every Monday for a half hour. Julie is a certified children’s yoga teacher through Next Generation Yoga. With a keen eye and a lot of compassion, Julie supports students in their introduction to Yoga, creating fun and thematic flows for our children so they can meet life with greater ease, flexibility and joy.


Each Tuesday, our children meet Mrs. Janie Alania in the specials room for a half hour music class. Janie has been teaching early childhood music classes in Bergen County since 2005. She has a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance from Montclair State University. Janie’s enthusiasm, joy, and knowledge of music have captivated both her students and their parents. She is happy to be sharing her love of music with the children of the Co-op.

In the Garden

Mrs. Allison Karounis is our newest specials teacher, joining us in 2023! A previous member of the Co-op Board, Allison created the Co-op garden (located in the Playground along the fence) in 2022 while her daughter attended the school. Allison shows the children how to flex their green thumbs teaching them to care for seasonal plants and flowers that the Co-op can enjoy!

Big Blocks 

Mrs. Jocelyn Reiman has been teaching at the Co-op since 2013. She has a B.S. in Elementary Education and Psychology (Skidmore College) and Master’s in Early Childhood Education (Teachers College, Columbia University), and is certified to teach Pre K- Grade 6 in NY and NJ. Mrs. Reiman’s love for teaching young children brings her to the Co-op for Big Blocks, a weekly special held every Thursday. In Big Blocks, our children are encouraged to explore the depths of their imagination, creating and erecting structures out of large foam blocks.