All classes are based on the School’s Philosophy of  Learning Through Play. Our 2.5 through 4-year-old classes and TK include a special music instructor once a week. Our 3 through 4-year-old classes and TK also include a yoga instructor once a week.  All classes have seasonal, age appropriate field trips and guest speakers.

Pre-School Classes

Mommy & Me is a class for children ages 18 months to 2 years to attend with a parent or caregiver. There is class one day a week for 1.5 hours where children can have their first introduction to a structured learning environment. Stations are set up to encourage active play, and the teacher engages them with stories and songs. The learning stations include tasks such as arts and crafts, puzzles, pretend play, sensory exploration, and other child led learning experiences. It is a great way for mothers to get to know one another and for children to begin exploring new things alongside their peers. Two sessions of Mommy & Me run each school year.
2.5’s is a class designed for children ages 2.5 to 3 years old. It is a 2.5 hour class that takes place two days per week. This class focuses on basic social skills and helps children get accustomed to a learning environment. Learning will focus on shapes and colors, which will be taught through many modalities. Children will have the opportunity to work on communication with others and to have fun creating.
3’s is a class for children who will turn 3 before October 1st of the school year. This class continues to work with children on developing language skills and self-expression. Colors and shapes are focused on, and concepts of numbers, weather, days, months and years are introduced. In addition to these, curriculum introduces beginner geometry (whole/half, empty/full). Fine motor skills and manipulation of objects are addressed in activities. In addition to planned activities, there are stations for children to explore pretend play, building, tactile/sensory play, puzzle building, art, and more. Children continue to develop communication with others and begin to move from side-by-side play to collaborative play. This class takes place 2.5 hours per day for three days a week.
4’s is a class for children who will turn 4 before October 1st of the school year. This class focuses on attaining kindergarten readiness. Curriculum includes letters, numbers, language skills, and pre-reading. Letters are explored through crafts, music, tracing and writing. The class is structured to include daily activities designed to address the curriculum goals and stations for free play where communication skills and interactive play are improved upon. Thematic reading segments are done throughout the year to expand knowledge of animals, plants, weather, science, seasons, emotions, cultures and holidays. This class is available for 4 or 5 days per week, taking place for 2.5 hours per day.
Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is designed for the young 5 (must be 5 by December 31) who would benefit from another year to mature socially and/or academically before entering traditional Kindergarten. The curriculum includes pre-reading skills, enhancing communication, listening, and interpersonal skills, the development of fine motor ability, and the introduction of math concepts. This class takes place for 2.5 hours per day, 5 days per week.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)

STEAM is an afternoon course available to children already enrolled in a 4’s or TK class. It follows lunch and continues until 3:00pm. Lessons are hands-on and exploratory, introducing concepts in science, technology, engineering, art and math. Active learning encourages children to make hypotheses, experiment, and be able to describe what has taken place and why. In addition to offering a curriculum that stimulates creativity and introduces the sciences at a young age, this program extends a child’s day to near that of a full-day preschool or traditional kindergarten schedule. It is available 2, 3, or 4 times per week.

Enrichment Offerings

Enrichments are offered in three 8-week long segments during the year. With the exception of Books & Cooks and Outdoor Explorers, the Enrichment classes run during the lunch hour (11:15am-12:30pm) and will include time to eat a parent-packed (nut-free) lunch and drink. Books & Cooks and Outdoor Explorers will run from 11:15am-1:00pm. The offerings of enrichment in each session and each year will vary.

Sing & Play (All Ages)
Come sing and play with your friends! We’ll have lunch, sing, and play instruments. We’ll explore rhythm and movement and, most importantly, have fun! All ages welcome.

Science (Ages 3 & up)
We’ll explore the wonders of science, develop science skills, and learn about earth, life, and physical science topics through fun individual, small group, and whole class activities. 

Build & Create (Ages 3 & up)
In this fun-filled, literature-based building class, students will have an opportunity to explore and create with various materials such as wooden unit blocks, Cuisenaire rods, and Lincoln Logs while developing mathematical, spatial, and social skills.  For example, students will listen to the story The Three Little Pigs and will use their inspiration and imagination to work on constructing a sturdy structure. 

Books & Cooks (ages 3 & up) ​
Books & Cooks will encourage your child’s love for reading along with introducing them to measurements, kitchen safety, and simple recipe directions.  Each week your child will be introduced to a different story book and then create recipes based on the theme of the week. 

Artists in Action (Ages 3.5 & up) ​
This is an art appreciation program modeled after the TIC TOC program used in elementary schools in Glen Rock, Radburn, Ridgewood, Midland Park, and HoHoKus.  Each week the “art docent” teacher will bring in a different framed copy of a famous work of art from TIC TOC’s rotating art collection. The goals are to introduce children to famous works of art, to teach them how to actively explore a work of art, and to see themselves as artists in action.

Spanish for Muchachos (Ages 4 & up)
A wonderful class that introduces children to the Spanish language and culture!  The teachers encourage Spanish learning and usage through games, songs, and stories.

​Little Ninjas (Ages 3 & up) 
An active class that works on gross motor skills, balance, and reasoning skills as they solve clues and move their way through active searches and obstacles.

Outdoor Explorers (Ages 3.5 & up)
Get your child closer to nature as they explore the world around them!  This class walks to Wilde Park, where they learn more about plants and animals, the environment, and the role we can play in taking care of nature and wildlife. 

Little World Travelers (Ages 3 & up)
Come travel the world with us! In this class, each student will receive a passport that will take them to different corners of the world.  Each class will explore a different country through stories, songs, and games. Children will learn about the culture of each country and discover the things done in that country for fun!  ​