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    The Co-Op is located in (but not affiliated with) The Community Church.
    The physical address is listed as 354 Rock Road HOWEVER the parking lot for the GRC is accessible only from Hamilton Avenue. Hamilton Avenue intersects with Rock Road to the northwest of the GRC. There is a driveway leading from the GRC and the Community Church onto Rock Road, but it is an exit only driveway.
    Phone Number: (201) 652-1228

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    Parking Lot Safety

    The playground side of the parking lot will only be available for morning drop off.  The gate will be closed starting at 9am. Parking thereafter will need to be on the oppositive side of the parking lot or on Hamilton Ave.  If you think you may stick around for a bit at school after drop off or if you are co-oping that day, please park outside the playground gated area.
    Children are never to be left unattended in a car in the parking lot.