Deirdre Tarrant is the Director of the Glen Rock Co-op (since 2015). She received a BA in English from the College of the Holy Cross. For more than 15 years, she worked in public relations and advertising while working on an MS in Education. She is delighted to be a part of the Glen Rock Co-op from which both her sons graduated. A resident of Glen Rock, Deirdre loves her community and volunteers with the Glen Rock Fire Department, the Boy Scouts, the Glen Rock Recreational Soccer program, as well as St. Catharine’s Parish. When she’s not at the Co-op, Deirdre loves reading, running, biking, and swimming.

“There’s no better way to learn to navigate life than learning through play! We all take turns, we wait for our turn, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose but at the Co-Op, we always have fun!”

Meet the Teachers

2.5 and 3’s Class

Lori Roughgarden

As of 2023, she has been teaching with the Co-op for over 14 years. She fell in love with the Co-op after sending her youngest child and volunteering in the classroom. This eventually led to substitute teaching and becoming an official staff member. Ms. Roughgarden has her BS in Early Childhood Education as well as Head Teacher and Group Teacher certifications. She also teaches STEAM Jr. with Mrs. Smith.

“I pride myself on creating a warm and loving environment for the children to feel safe in. It is my biggest joy to see your little ones grow and move through the Co-op, building upon their emotional and social skills each year.”
Carolyn Byrne

Mrs. Byrne is a Teacher’s Assistant, working with Ms. Roughgarden in the 3’s classroom. She has been with the Co-op since December 2021 and graduated with honors from the University of Scranton. Mrs. Byrne is no stranger to the Co-op: her husband is an alumnus, all three of her children attended the Co-op, and she served on the board for three years. Her favorite children’s book is “If I Could Keep You Little” and her favorite school subject is Art.

“As someone who works with some of our littlest learners, my goal is to create a warm and loving environment so they love coming to school everyday!”
Debbie Rossi

Mrs. Rossi attended Kentucky Wesleyan College and went on to spend over 25 years teaching at both Rainbow Corners Cooperative and Children Country Day in Paramus, NJ. She has been with the Co-op since 2021 as a substitute, joining us officially in 2023 as a Teacher’s Assistant. Mrs Rossi works with Ms. Roughgarden in the 2.5’s classroom where she loves to see the children grow and learn.

“I believe that children learn through play. This builds confidence, creativity, and a love for school.”

3 and 4’s Class

Christine Smith
Tamar Kurland

Mrs. Kurland is the Teacher’s Assistant to Mrs. Smith in the 3/4s class. She has been with the Co-op since 2022 and has two young boys of her own. She has a degree in Biopsychology from the University of Michigan and is a certified Massage Therapist. She is an avid reader and traveler and enjoys hiking and playing tennis.

“I strive to help Mrs. Smith create a safe and supportive classroom where all students can learn at their own pace, grow, and have fun!”

PreK 4’s

Megan Aylward

Mrs. Aylward aka Mrs. A is our PreK 4’s teacher. Mrs. A received her degree in Education from East Stroudsburg University. After teaching at the elementary level for eight years, she took time off to be a stay-at-home mom. During that time, she became involved in her children’s school committee PTO and remains active today. Since returning to education, she has been teaching at the preschool level for over seven years. A Glen Rock native, Mrs. A now lives in Wyckoff with her husband and four children. She loves coming to work and getting to sing, dance, and laugh everyday!

“Kids are only kids for so long. I believe preschool should be a place where kids can have fun and learn through play. My job is to make school a fun, exciting place to be.”
Alison Hauser

Mrs. Hauser is the Teacher’s Assistant to Mrs. A’s 4’s class. She has been with the Co-op since 2017 and has a son of her own. She has a BFA from the Savannah College of Arts & Design. Mrs. Hauser loves coming to work everyday to see the smiles on the childrens’ faces. 

“I believe in the uniqueness and individuality of each child. I strive to identify their strengths and talents to allow each of them to have success and feel good about themselves.”

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)

Jane Dalton

Mrs. Dalton is the Transitional Kindergarten teacher and lead STEAM teacher. Her association with the Co-op began in 2006 as a parent volunteer and board member. She served as the aide in the TK classroom since 2013 and earned her preschool teacher certification in 2016. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in English & writing. Mrs. Dalton is a Glen Rock resident and is active in the schools and the community. She has four children and enjoys running, biking, swimming, reading and vacationing on LBI.

“Children learn through play and hands-on experiences rooted in developmentally appropriate practice. A caring teacher serves as a facilitator of these play experiences, giving each child the time, space and opportunities to gain confidence and competence as a lifelong learner.”
Nancy Battle

Mrs. Battle is the Teacher’s Assistant in the TK class. She is a 38 year Glen Rock resident and has worked for the GRBOE for 20 years. She spent 10 years at St. Peter’s Academy in River Edge and started with the Co-op in 2022. She loves working with preschoolers because she says the children are so anxious to learn new skills and are open to everything.

“Every child is gifted in some way, the challenge is to help them discover what it is.”

Toddler and Me

Mrs. Kristen
Louise Kennan

​2023 – 2024 Executive Board

Board Presidents – Liz Campo and Arianne Hurley
Secretary – Linda Timmeny
Registrar – Julia Bogovich
Treasurer – Nick Lamberth
Fundraising Chairs – Lolita Gross and Taylor Jackson
Class Parent Liaison – Jenna Sinha
Learning Environment Chair – Rachel Schuster
Publicity Chair – Julia De La Roche
Technology Chairs – Greg Smith and Phil Matricardi